Friday, April 1, 2016

This was written in late feb.  i am only getting it posted now (April 1).  Soon i will have another. 
Another three weeks have gone by, how the time flies. Sophia gave an excellent talk last Sunday in sacrament meeting. She read most of the talk but did a wonderful job. It seems that they're going to make her the nursery teacher. She will have a class of four students. The branch president was changed two weeks ago. It was a necessary change and probably was quite overdue. So very much is asked of the leaders in the small struggling units. I have been asked to be the branch presidents first counselor. The stake turned down the request the first week hoping that it could be filled by local member. But that is not the case, so my name has been again presented. We will see tomorrow what will happen. (it happened)

Two weeks ago on Tuesday the president asked if we could stop what we were doing and make a run to a small community 2+ hours to the east. An Elder has been playing soccer hit the ball with his head and received a concussion. He is had a history of concussions from the other activities that he's participated in. The parents we're very understanding knew that we were doing the best we could.The headaches had gotten worse and worse, the medicine from a local doctor was not helping and the president wanted the mission paramedic to be with him as a neurologist examined him. As we visited with them and they went to the hospital we made spaghetti and a salad for when they got home. The neurologist in the states wish shared the x-rays and visited over the phone with the neurologist that was treating him here. We even had medicine hand carried from the US to try to treat him.Now today 20 February the elder arrived home yesterday at six in the evening. It was a very difficult decision to make for the president and the elder did not wish to go home. But he could not do missionary work he could barely stay standing for an hour at a time.

We have also had our first Group of missionaries return to the states and also our first group of missionaries arrive. We now are two missionaries more then we were. The city that was opened was the city of Nerja where we go on Sunday. It is wonderful to have them there. We also had our first additional senior couple arrive. They are going to the far western part of the mission to an area called Cacares. Since they were arriving we invited the other senior couples to also come in and we had an afternoon together. We went to one of the local tourist spots a deep cave discovered in the 1950s. Then we had lunch together, a late lunch for us. And everybody returned home.

Other things to keep us busy we had my accounting contact from Germany come and spend three days with us in the office. I also was given an assistant. This has relieved me of so many daily pressures.

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